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Jun 23

[Video] Milo Greene – 1957

This song has been floating around the interwebs for a while now, but I came across this ‘Downtown Session’ recently, and I think it’s the best version of it so far.

You know those days when it’s  raining and you are in a funk, just wishing for the sun to come out and brighten your mood?  Then magically it does, late in the afternoon just when you thought all hope was lost?  This song reminds me of that point when the last cloud disappears and  that bright golden orb comes out to lift you up for the last few hours of the day.

It’s just so damn pretty, with a sparse arrangement and those haunting harmonies at the end.   If this is any indication of their live sound, then I certainly can’t wait for them to come to The Middle East (up) on 7/28 to witness it in person.

Their new album drops on 7/17, find out more about them here.

Apr 1

J. Viewz – Oh Something’s Quiet (ft. Kelli Scarr)

The first time I heard of J. Viewz was about a year ago when I was sent this video. It’s been a Sunday favorite ever since. The soft and delicate lighting plus the incredibly sexy (and NSFW) images show off the best kind of sunday you could have. Enjoy.

j.viewz – Oh, Something’s Quiet (feat Kelli Scarr) from j.viewz on Vimeo.

Nov 30

Wayback Machine [Video]: Hum – Stars

The Wayback Machine posts are just going to be stuff that influenced myself and Jess from a not so bleeding-edge time.  Periodically, either of us will smack you upside the dome with a good song from years ago, mainly because we know everyone likes going ‘Whoa, I haven’t heard this song in FOREVER.’

I’ve been having trouble coming up with a fitting tune to kick off this series-until now.  Recently my friend mentioned these guys on Facebook, and I said to myself ‘Motherfucking 120 Minutes, thats it!’

If you are looking for a track that personified the mid-90’s Alt-Rock sound, then you could do a lot worse than this one.  The fuzzed out screeching guitars, the crashing, cymbal heavy percussion and the overall driving energy just blew you away.  Hum was like a cross between Nada Surf, Helmet and The Smashing Pumpkins, minus crazypants Billy Corgan.

But unfortunately like so many other artists of the era, they lacked sufficient label support, and couldn’t quite gain the traction needed to survive in the decade of the ‘buzz band’.  Basically they were relegated to one hit wonder status.  But what a one hit wonder, ‘Stars’ was massive when it came out in 1995.  I wonder how they would’ve fared in today’s DIY/instant access world.  I blew my step-father’s speakers playing this song.  They were ‘nice’ speakers too, big ol’ 12″ Cerwin Vegas.  You remember the type: super huge early 80’s throwbacks surrounded by fake wood paneling,  all ‘Hi-Fi’ and shit.  Blasted the cones right outta them, it was beautiful.  They ended up looking something like this.  A fitting end to such monstrosities, I believe.

If you want the complete history on Hum, check out their Wiki page for more info.


Nov 23

[Video] Pickwick – The Round

What’s that you say? More Pickwick videos? Ok. It’s no secret that I am head over heels in love with this soul revival Seattle band who is about to blow up. Get ahead of the game and fall in love them already. They just got their dream producer to work with them on their debut LP and it’s going to be the hit of 2012. You can quote me on that. They released three 2 song EP’s this year which you can find on Bandcamp and should definitely own. Here’s a new video from them performing at KEXP as well as their Doe Bay Session. In the very likely case you can’t get enough of the Pickwick performances check out the video from when they surprised a bunch of  UW students in the library singing “Black Out”. Enjoy it.

Also you must watch their Doe Bay Session video done by the Seattle blog, Sound on the Sound. They perform “Staged Names” and “Hacienda Motel”.

The 2011 Doe Bay Sessions – Pickwick from Sound on the Sound on Vimeo.

Pair With: Sometimes I feel like this music deserves a well made Manhattan and other times I just want to dance around with a PBR in hand. It’s up to you to decide.

Nov 10

Video: Matrimony – Obey Your Guns

I went to the Langhorne Slim show @ TT The Bears Place on 10/7.   One of the openers was Old Jack, a great local band and one that you’ll probably hear more about on this blog in the future.  The other was a band called Matrimony, from Charlotte NC.  Now I’m a sucker for just about anything from North Carolina, so as they walked out on stage all road weary and disheveled and introduced themselves, my ears perked right up.  I had no idea what to expect, I just hoped that they didn’t suck.  They didn’t.


The five piece band consists of:  Jimmy Brown on lead vocals and guitar, Ashlee Hardee Brown on keys and lead vocals, CJ Hardee on mandolin, synth and banjo (he’s nasty on all three, btw), Jordan Hardee on bass and Alex Watson on drums.  Notice something common in most of those names?  Yep, they’re a family band!  It really shows in the connection they have on stage too, very natural and fluid.  It also explains the band name too, I think.  Anyway, they put on one hell of a show, and I’m sure surprised more than one person in the room that night.  The floor was decently full when they started, but by the third song of their set it was bumper-to-bumper.  Everyone was nodding along and really getting into it too.  Matrimony’s tunes are jam-packed with harmonies, and run the gamut from dirt-road folksy to energetic alt-country, with Jimmy and Ashlee both singing their asses off.  I really enjoyed the whole set, most of which was really catchy. I’m talking about the type of tunes that make you want to learn the lyrics right away so you can sing along.  “Obey Your Guns” is definitely one of those songs.

I lucked out that night. All three bands played excellent sets, but Matrimony stood out the most and made me an instant fan.  You can download “Obey Your Guns” for free on bandcamp.

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