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Jun 15

Where Summer Begins Mix

We’ve been playing this mix in the park when we’re sitting on picnic benches, sipping beers, and soaking up the last bits of daylight. So far it’s been a fun and refreshing mix to have around. It has a little bit of folk, rock, electronic, and pop all mixed up so there’s something for everybody. Cheers.

Dana Buoy – Call To Be

Dalton – Breaker

KO KO – Float

Kishi Bashi – Bright Whites

Mike Musikanto – Every Which Way

Download ZIP

Jun 1

American Craft Beer Fest Mix

Boston Beer Week treated us well. I had an amazing time seeing all the usual culprits out, going to my favorite beer bars, and talking to and meeting brewers, bands, and other lovers of libations. I drank mostly local stuff which is what a city wide beer week should be about anyway. I fell in love with Cambridge Brewing Company’s Brett Grisette because it tastes phenomenal and is an easy going saison with brett giving it a nice sour edge. Also, because of it’s low 4.0% ABV, it might have been what kept me fairly sober at our Brewery Session event. I also got my need for free glassware fufilled by the always wonderful Redstone Liquors.

Now it’s time for the main event, American Craft Beer Fest. I’ll (Jessica) be there for about 16 hours total, which means all the sessions. Mike will be there too pouring for Mayflower Brewery on Saturday. I’ll be volunteering and will tweet my where abouts in case anyone wants to say hi, try some samples, or if you’re looking for suggestions. American Craft Beer Fest is a joyous occasion that I’ve been looking forward to since the last beer fest I attended in March. There will be over 120 brewers and 550+ beers to try at the World Trade Center in Boston over the course of 3 sessions taking place June 1-2.

You know that song from Rent that asks “How do you measure a year?” Well, I measure it in beer festivals. I count down days, I plan out the beers I have to try, and then when it’s over I’m always looking forward to the next one.

Here is a 20 song playlist you can stream with an interesting collection of songs ranging from indie rock, to blues, to novelty songs. Enjoy and have a great weekend.


Screen Shot 2012-03-15 at 11.58.35 PM
Mar 16

Road Trip Mix

I remembered that we needed mix CDs for tomorrow’s brewery road trip at midnight. This is what I hastily threw together. I can’t remember the last time I burned a CD. I quickly remembered how frustrating that 90 minute time limit can be, and also that not worrying about what is ok to post, or what songs can be found on spotify, makes for a much better playlist than what I can normally offer. So that’s why I feel the need to briefly share this with you all.

Download the ZIP

It’s available for download for today only. There’s some unreleased tracks on this, so get it while it’s hot. I will drown my guilty conscious in beer and then take it down when I get home. Enjoy. Below are a few of the songs I’ve included on the mix.

David Vandervelde – Nothin’ No

Eux Autres – Broken Record

Shearwater – You As You Were

The Due Diligence – I Will Wreck Your Life

Oct 31

Dancing in Graveyards Mix

There were plenty of graveyard themed songs to choose from this year and it just so happened to fit right in this 16 song and 60 minute long mix, just in time for Halloween.  The bands featured are worth a serious look especially ones like Jared Mees, Veronica Falls, Feist, Ravenna Woods, Radical Face, and Chad VanGaalen all of whom released terrific albums this year. If you want more ghostly goodness in song format, last year’s Songs About Ghosts mix had some of my favorite songs on it and got played year round, download it here. Without further rambling, put on your best costume and go dancing. Bonus points for actually dancing in a graveyard.

King Melodies – Fog Over the Graveyard

Veronica Falls – Found Love in the Graveyard

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