Valentine’s Day Gifts for the beer lover

Feb 14

We can start with the obvious and the most important thing: Beer. If you give a beer lover a six pack of bud light it’d be a good way to say you don’t care about the same things and should break up. But, if you plan on keeping that someone special around here are some beers to show you care.

Nothing says…I would have brought you a maple glazed bacon donut that you look at in the bakery, but was worried you might think I was insinuating that you’re a fatty, so I got you this instead…Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Beer. The bottle itself is pretty awesome and just wait until you taste the contents.

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Nothing says I love you like a trip to Vermont just to buy an $18 4 pack of the best double IPA on earth: Alchemist’s Heady Topper Double IPA. I’ve had Heady Topper 4 times this week. I’m addicted to the stuff and therefore possibly biased. However, if you gifted me this for valentines day, we could skip the fancy dinner, save some money, and get down to the fun stuff…drinking Heady Topper. What else would I have been talking about?

Nothing says I would trade valuable bottles in my stash to get just one 12 ounce bottle of the good stuff like a bottle of Founder’s Kentucky Breakfast Stout. Not to mention your significant other probably had to deal with some beer snob on the internet for you. That’s sweet, and shows a serious comitment to getting you what you want.


The most color appropriate beer for Valentine’s Day would be Founder’s Blushing Monk. It pours a deep red with a beautiful pinkish-red head. It’s coy, it’s cute, and made with raspberries in a way that’s unusual and out of this world delicious. A real treat and a highly sought after beer, so good luck acquiring it.

It just so happens that Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday. It seemed mighty appropriate to save my bottle of The Bruery’s Black Tuesday 2010 for this lovely day where I just happen to also be single. I’ve been refering to this Valentine’s Day as Black Tuesday day for the past few weeks. Not because I’m bitter, it’s just because I’m excited to get knocked on my ass by this bourbon barrel aged stout, packing a punch at 20%. If you choose to share it, it’ll prove you have a heart of gold. And if you don’t share it, you just look like a greedy idiot too. Be careful with this one.

Other Gifts:

Brewery kit if they don’t already have some set up. If they are limited for space there are lots of 1 gallon kits. We like Brooklyn Brew Shop’s $40 option for the beginner. Or you can go here to check out the heavy duty gear.

You’re own label/bottle caps. This site will print these labels in bulk and you can make them something sweet like your initials, your anniversary date, or if you’re dating the right kind of folk, feel free to name your next batch the “I want to bang you brewski” and make sure it’s high alcohol.

A quicker DIY way to do this would be to paint your bottles with chalkboard paint and write whatever your heart desires.

I was just thinking to myself the other day that I really needed a chalice and/or tulip beer glasses. Then I wanted to punch myself in the face because it was the dorkiest/beer snootiest thing I had thought about in a long time. But in case you feel your significant other is lacking in the glassware department you can buy this set of four beer connoisseur glases for just $38.75. It even comes with a chalice. You know you want to drink from a chalice, don’t lie.

If you’re tired of talking about beer and would rather they stick their nose in a book you can get Garret Oliver’s Oxford Companion to Beer.


Happy Valentines Day from The Brewery Sessions.

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